New album: Sisters Popovy exhibition

My photos of dolls by Sisters Popovy from exhibition at Erarta Museum.

Cult and Skin collections, Widow Sisters, Featherd Serpents and The Mother.

Vintage chinese bobblehead repaint

Some photos of vintage chinese bobblehead I've got from my grandmother and repainted.

Enjoy before and after photos.

Doll collection catalogue is available

Catalogue of my doll collection was made available, info and photos of those dolls will follow.

Stay tuned!

New Album: Wonder Woman - Deluxe (2009)

New album, featuring Wonder Woman doll by Tonner, was published.

Discover 2009 release "Wonder Woman - Deluxe" from DC Stars line.

New Album: Supergirl - Deluxe (2009)

New album, featuring Supergirl doll by Tonner, was published.

Discover 2009 release "Supergirl - Deluxe" from DC Stars line.

New Albums: DeeAnna Denton - Basic Platinum (2010)

New albums, featuring Tonner doll DeeAnna Denton, was published.

Discover 2010 release "Basic Platinum".

New Albums: Momoko dolls

New albums, featuring 3 Momoko dolls, were published.

Discover Momoko releases: "Snow White", "Soft Hot Milk" and "Retro Mermaid"

New photoset: Hinterland

New photoset featuring custom Hinterfolk figure by Jes Hunt.

Explore the Hinterland!


Doll exhibitions

Doll exhibitions

Photos from various doll-related exhibitions I've attended.



Fashion dolls from Integrity in my collection. 



Custom 3D printed dolls by Makie Lab.



Momoko dolls in my collection.

Peg dolls

Peg dolls

My collection of peg dolls, including Hinterfolk by Jes Hunt.



Tonner dolls in my collection